Rural Mental Health in Focus – Advisory Support for Psychologist

mental health risk  for farmersFARMERS and rural workers ought to be motivated to not keep their issues “parked under their hat”, says Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce.

Despite similar rates and metropolitan areas, suicide rates have been found to be greater in rural areas in accordance with the Medical Journal of Australia.

Member said Mental Health Week (October 5-11) emphasized the importance of the government to allocate more capital for counselling services.

“The scenario in rural Australia is diabolical …”

“The scenario in rural Australia is diabolical; we estimate a Queensland farmer committing suicide every three weeks, with among the most important contributing factors in rural Australia being fiscal pressure,” Mr Katter said.

From 2006 to 2010, Brisbane had a suicide rate of 10.8 in every 100,000 whereas in rural areas the rate was 17.1 in every 100,000, he said.

“Mental health will not discriminate and everybody should have use of the help rural have to get right back on course, no matter where they dwell.”

Mr Joyce used World Mental Health Day to emphasize camaraderie and the resilience of farming communities and motivate individuals to use existing services.

“Mr Joyce would encourage anyone fighting with feelings of depression and stress to talk to your health professional, call a support line or even only speak with a partner,” he said.

“Australia has a history built in the effort and endeavour of men and women in main sectors so when a country we have been in the correct spot in the correct time to really have a excellent agricultural future.

“With effort and fiscal pressure come other pressures that may have a devastating impact …”

“But with effort and fiscal pressure come other pressures that at times may have a devastating impact on those whose shoulders it rests.

“Quite frequently those strains are carried alone and therefore it is necessary for people to help those who find themselves under pressure and above all recognise these pressures exist.”