Sutherland,NSW Companies Supported To Make Mental Health Officials

Sutherland Shire business leaders are being disabled to make mental health officials in their workplaces.

Mental Health Commissioner Tim Marney has disabled businesses to deal with mental health problems not only to help their workers but to boost their productivity.

Mr Marney was one of several speakers at an event marking World Mental Health Day organised by the Sutherland Shire Association for Mental Health, where he addressed several business leaders and held at Government House.

“Just like in the event of a physical first aid officer, a mental health first aid policeman needs training too, there is plenty of training available out there in mental health first aid, it is simple enough plus it is not onerous,” he said.

Read more:“The model that we are executing in the mental health commission is one where there’s someone that’s understood to be accessible to speak to if someone’s got a mental health concern.

“It is not their job to intercede in direction problems or grievances or to really approach individuals and face them on mental health problems however they are there for support if folks require it.

“And they are there earlier than an employee assistance program, that’s more for when matters happen to be going actually wrong.”

Mr Marney said he was conscious of a few Sutherland,NSW workplaces that have set up similar things but “no explicit mental health officers besides the mental health commission”.

“In another two to five years Iwant to find that it’s regular at any workplace that there’s to the notice board the name of the first aid officer and then next to the variety of the mental health first aid official,” he said.

Mr Marney pointed out that while most of mental health problems may not have started in the work place it’s up to companies to not exacerbate these problems through emotionally unhealthy surroundings.

The state that was previous said it also made business sense to deal with these issues, saying someone suffering using a mental health illness a month was prone to take a few days off work.

“Within an economy fighting to improve productivity, it is a no brainer,” Treasurer said.

Mental Health Minister Helen Morton also talked in the big event. She said mental health in the workplace was the “next frontier” in the attempt to raise awareness of mental health problems in society.

Industry and chamber of Commerce Sutherland,NSW chief executive Diedre Willmott, who also addressed the occasion, said the chamber had seen a rise in calls from businesses attempting to learn about how better to take care of mental health problems at work.

She said her team received per week in respect to not only involving matters linked to work pressure and mental health problems at work.

Ms Willmott said most companies were seeking guidance and info on the best way to address one of these circumstances.

She pointed out that mental health issues cost Australian companies $12.3 billion a year in lost productivity.

The CCISutherland,NSW has developed several internet resources with Beyond Blue for companies on working with mental health issues and other websites likeĀ