Sutherland Shire Nursery Helping Mental Health Patients

Surrounded by rolling green hills, a greenhouse is doubling as a significant mental health facility for men and women

The environment around them can be built-in to your favorable healing to get a man receiving treatment for a mental illness.

Only outside Sutherland, in central west NSW is a care center with a difference.

snswlhd.healthThe ‘Sutherland’ health care website is a plant nursery as well as a 10 bed residential facility if you have mental health problems that are complex. The website is a portion of the AOATS plan- Western NSW Local Health District’s (Sutherland NSW LHD) adult mental health services division’s rehabilitation arm.

“We call for the majority of the city, which will be among the most effective learning associations on the planet to help these folks return into [society],” said Nursing Unit Supervisor at Sutherland, Merese Tedrsen.

“[We need the patients to] be joyful, or more content in their own life, [so they can] go-on in aspects of education, occupation, daily living skills also to handle their life by themselves with support.”

The website works as a fully-working nursery, with patients helping with sale and the propagation .

Ms Pedrson said the facility helps patients using their rehabilitation procedure distinctively and has worked at Sutherland for a decade.

“I consider it gives individuals the chance to be calm; and to feel at peace while they are curing.

“It helps the healing process since it is not a high-stimulation place, and gives everybody the chance to participate with their day to day living abilities,” she said.

The greenhouse gives patients the opportunity to find out how to use machinery and study horticulture and also offers a connection with TAFE.

“It helps the patients break that barrier of being the man who has the mental illness, to being the man that is come to work in the horticultural plan,” said Ms Pedrson.

Evan worked in the facility for more than a couple of years and has lived.

“Funnily enough I do not enjoy horticulture… Give Evan woodwork any day,” he joked.

Evan said he is seen the advantages patients are given by the facility.

“[The customers] are a lot more relaxed following a little while. It is possible to see a difference together in the week or two; particularly when they have been confined in a psychiatric institution.”

The Supervisor of the Community Mental Health Services of Western NSW LHD for Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo, Trevor Clark said the facility has found favorable effects.

“In several conditions, the patients’ lives would be chaotic and frenzied [if they were not here], resulting in regular moves around the country side. The patients would most likely be getting into problems fiscally,” he said.

“If we are able to treat the patients and medicate them, then their odds of healing are significantly better.

“It is a a lot more enjoyable setting for both patients as well as the staff with no regimentation that is related to hospitalisation.”

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Interviews compiled by ABC Central West Mornings presenter, Angela Owens.