Tremendous Interest for Psychological Therapies in The Sutherland Shire

Mental-Health-Awareness-MonthThere are anxieties as many as four to the Shire out of every five individuals with mental health issues don’t have use of the services they require.

Sutherland Medicare Local, Mahid Saberi,’s chief executive said speeds of depression as well as stress in the area are nearly twice the state average.

He said more than 1200 individuals have been up to now treated by three new mental health services created in the area this year.

“The occasions of service they’ve received, how many psychology as well as other services that we’ve supplied, is over 9000,” Dr Saberi said.

“These are early services they receive, so that it addresses the mental health problems and gets them help early.

“How much it goes in reducing that 80 per cent we can not be truly certain, but we expect that it goes some manner.

“The north shore has higher speeds of social disadvantage, societal and economical disadvantage.

“The speeds of stress as well as depression are higher in pockets of those who are socially disadvantaged.”